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Daily personnalized events live-ranking

Trendit is a mobile application that live-ranks events with points. The live ranking is personalized for each user based on their passions, friends, location, etc.

Scores and Ranking

Events have a score and a ranking 100% personalized to you

Our algorithm attributes a score to each event based on your passions, friends, location, followings, etc! This means you'll see the most relevant and engaging events at the top of your list. Everyone sees a different live-ranking.


Your Live Ranking is updated everyday at midnight

⏱️ Tic-Tac! Everyday at midnight, your personalized live ranking is updated for the day to come! But even during the day, the live ranking is updated in real-time based on multiple variables!

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Follow organizers

Follow organizers to see their daily events

On Trendit, you can follow organizers that you like. When you follow an organizer, their events will have a higher score for You. But you don't need to follow an organizer to find their events.

Make friends

Befriend people to check their agenda

Your friends on Trendit affect your personalized events live ranking. The scores are updated based on where they are, what they are doing, and if it aligns with your own passions. And if you befriend someone, you can see their daily agenda!

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Trendit for dummies

How it works

Select tags that reflect your passions

The tags you select influence your personalized ranking. The more passions that fit, the higher the event rank.

Follow organizers to find their events

If you follow an organizer, their events will have a higher score for you. Thus, you will usually see them higher your ranking.

Befriend people to check their daily agenda

You must befriend people on Trendit to see their agenda. Also, your friends affect your personalized live ranking.